Elk Tone Boards

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RE-3 Cow/Calf Elk Bite Reed
Our RE3 Cow/Calf Elk Bite Reed is easy to install. Comes with two boards, interlocking reed, and a s..
RE-4 Elk Tone Board
The RE-4 Elk tone board was designed to produce cow elk and calf elk vocalizations. This board me..
RE-5 Elk Tone Board
The RE-5 Elk Tone Board was designed to produce bull and cow elk vocalizations. This board measures..
Elk 4&5 Combo Package
Looking for a sweet deal on a set of elk tone boards designed for the custom call builder? Look no f..
RE-3 Sleeves
Got your own bite style elk boards? Need a soft rubber sleeve to help keep saliva out and from lo..
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