Reaper Series

Reaper Series
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Reese Cotton Tip 2016/2017 Edition
This call is produced in limited quantities. When they are gone, they are gone! A classic "go to"..
The RRP-1 is a closed reed distress call that produces high pitched bird vocals.  It is great f..
The RRP-2 is a closed reed distress call that features two jc reeds. Produces great rabbit distress..
Complete Reaper Series calling system
Are you wanting the Reaper Call Set with a Superior Light System? Here is your chance and with s bon..
The RRP-3 is a unique open reed call designed to produce jackrabbit distress. No lip or tooth press..
CRPH Hunting DVD (2015)
Join the Cheyenne River Predator Hunter's team, as they travel across South Dakota in Search of Wile..
The RRP-4 is a unique open reed call that produces a wicked cottontail distress sound. This open re..
Reese Classic Buffalo Horn Howler
Reese Outdoors is bringing back the classic KO Buffalo horn howler.  Molded off a real buffalo..
The RRP-5 is one of the most versatile open reed calls on the market. A favorite of many of the Pro..
LMF Howler
The LMF Howler (Loud Mother F$@cker) was designed for guys looking to cover more ground and addition..
The RRP-6 is a multi-purpose open reed call. It is designed to produce jackrabbit distress and coyo..
Reaper Series Complete Call Set
Reese Outdoors has teamed up with Legendary Coyote Caller Darren Shulson. For years, Reese Outdoors ..
Dr. Death
New for this coming predator call season is Dr. Death. A closed reed design that has an internal boa..
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