Koyote Kryptonite

Koyote Kryptonite
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Koyote Kryptonite Call Set
Based on feedback from our followers, field staff, and fans, we have deveolped the ultimate open ree..
The RKK1 is designed for producing raspy cottontail and pup distress. The short open reed board has ..
The RKK2 was built to blast the sweet sounds of jack rabbit distress. Those raspy and deeper tones a..
The RKK3 should be on every callers lanyard! It produces excellent cottontail, jack rabbit, pup, and..
The RKK4 is an "older brother" of the RKK3. It has a longer board and a wider reed. This call produc..
The RKK5 is a new call design for Reese Outdoors. It features a new tone board and reed that was CAD..
Kryptonite 6 Pack
Already have your favorite lanyard and just wanting our new Kryptonite 6 Pack? This package deal ..
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