Reese XC-Surge Series Call Set

Reese XC-Surge Series Call Set
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Looking for a complete hand call set that includes our famous Jack on Crack
HD and the Reese XC Dawg Collar Lanyard? The Reese Surge Series Call Set is
a 7 piece set that raises the bar for the predator hunting industry! Years
of field experience goes into every one of these! Although our company has
grown over the years, each of these calls is still personally hand tuned by
Loren Reese! Our goal when creating the Surge Series Set was to give the
caller our professional grade voices and put them into a field set that
would last for years to come. Each call is laser engraved and is marked for
identification. The Surge Series Set comes with:

- RSS1-The RSS1 is the open reed distress call that produces our best
rabbit, pup, and female sounds.
- RSS2-The RSS2 is sporting our famous howler board. This will ge tthem
to respond and come charging during breeding season.
- RSS3- The RSS3 sports a solid jack voice in an open reed style call.
It is raspy and it gets them to running quick!
- RSS4- The RSS4 produces a sweet cottontail voice is easy to use. Built
like the RSS3 but a higher pitch tone.
- RSS5- The RSS5 is a closed reed distress call that uses two jc reeds.
A basic but very effective call!
- RSS6- The RSS6 is a closed reed squeaker/rodent distress. For those
wanting a finishing call or those wanting hunt cats, this is your call!

Jack on Crack HD

Camo Reese XC-Dawg Collar lanyard that holds all 7 calls while gently
hanging from your neck!

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