Koyote Kryptonite Call Set

Koyote Kryptonite Call Set
Koyote Kryptonite Call Set
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Based on feedback from our followers, field staff, and fans, we have deveolped the ultimate open reed call set! This set includes a complete arsenal of calls that carry sound production of cottontail, jack rabbit, pup distress, female vocals, coyote fight, invitation, and male vocals. There isnt a sound that you can't produce with this set!

The RKK1 is designed to easily produce cottontail. This is a new sound to the Reese arsenal. It can also produce pup distress.

The RKK2 is designed to produce jack rabbit distress and pup distress. EAsy to manipulate, this call works excellent in carrying tones to a longer distance.

The RKK3 is a superb call that produces both cottontail, jack, pup distress, and female coyote vocalizations. This is a favorite of many of our field staff.

The RKK4 is an excellent call that produces jack rabbit distress, pup and male vocals. This call also produces great cow and claf elk vocals.

The RKK5 is another new call that built to produce coyote male vocalizations, elk distress, and wolf pup vocalizations.

The Cotton Tip is an all around excellent call that can produce raspy rabbit distress, pup and female vocalizations.

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