Reese Stalker Series Call Set

Reese Stalker Series Call Set
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New for this season is the Stalker Series.  It features a variety of new sounds that will help ensure your success in the field pursuing predators.  This set includes from right to left:

1. RS1-A bite style rabbit/fawn vocal call that features our anti-saliva sleeve that is locked over the board.

2. RS2-A smaller call, featuring our 1/2” board that produces a unique cottontail distress that is different from most Calls on the market.  Very easy to use!

3. RS3- A jackrabbit vocal producing call that is loud, crisp and easily heard at longer distances. 

4. RS4-A pup distress call that also does loud hybrid rabbit vocals.  A crowd favorite in Canada, US, and Europe!

5. RS5- A new board that produces raspy rabbit distress, pup vocals, and female coyote vocals.

6. The Cannon- A long range Howler that produces coyote vocals that can be heard close to a mile away.  The Cannon features a 9” long CNC designed barrel.

The Cannon Howler can be voiced in either coyote or wolf. If coyote, please choose above either male or female. 

7. Reese Dawg Collar- Our Elite camo neck band lanyard that keeps Calls from banging or clanking.

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