American Wolf Howler

American Wolf Howler
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The American Wolf Howler is the first of its type.  This call can be operated three ways: latex diaphragm being amped/toned by horn, tone board with precision fitting cap into horn, or by using the human voice into the amp horn. 

Each method creates a different pitch and offers variation when working wolves.  The amp horn is molded from a CNC cad program.  It measures 17” in length.  The mouth piece is 1.75”ID.  The exhaust is 4” in diameter. 
The tone board cap features an o-ring cut that aligns perfectly to internal groves in the amp. 
The exhaust has internal surface scaring to help prevent echo pitching.  This is a common issue with elk amps an other cheap plastic calling amps.  Each horn is numbered and dated.


Bonus: this amp horn is designed to work great for elk bugling and moose grunting!


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