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Outlaw Sling
Outlaw Sling
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As Hunters and Shooters, we value our guns, because we have invested a significant amount of time and
money into them, or they may have a significant amount of sentimental value to their owners.

Therefore we naturally want to protect our investments from being damaged. Damage from accidentally
being dropped, banged, or scratched, all because we are still using an old fashioned shoulder carry sling.

At one time or another, we all have had our hands full of equipment or busy dragging our game from the
woods or fields, at which time your gun has slid off your shoulder, down your arm, and onto the ground,
rocks, mud, or water. Don’t let this wreck your expensive gun, or wreak havoc on your day in the field by
losing the zero of your scope or sights.

Now you can prevent this from happening to you. You can now carry your gun without worry of dropping
your favorite hunting gun and causing costly damage.

There is now a way to carry your gun Completely Worry Free & Hands Free!

That’s right, “Completely Worry Free & Hands Free!” nothing to worry about; your gun will no longer slide
off your shoulder when you have your hands full, or while you are dragging your game out of the woods
or fields, or while you are scrambling over rocks, or through brush, or climbing a hill. Perhaps you would
just like to carry two guns to your stand, say a rifle and a shotgun, now you can!

They say that “necessity” is the mother of all invention”, well; I am here to introduce to you, the all new
Outlaw Sling! The Outlaw Sling was invented out of necessity, by a hunter, for shooter around the world.

The Outlaw Sling is a revolutionary new way to carry your rifle or shotgun in a hands free position. Your
gun is carried directly on your back, like a backpack. The Outlaw Sling has opened a whole new world of
possibilities for the way you carry any long gun you desire. That’s right! Any gun you own! That is; any gun
that has sling studs and incorporates sling swivels. The Outlaw will open to you a whole new level of
ease of carry and comfort for you.

If you are like any of the several million other hunters out there, you never have enough hands to carry
all the equipment and gadgets needed to make your hunt enjoyable.

Now! The Outlaw Sling Is Here!

Whether you are a deer hunter; waterfowl hunter; turkey hunter; or predator/varmint hunter; you will
have equipment that you will need to carry to your blind or stand, that requires more hands than you

The Outlaw Sling will help make it easier to get all your equipment into the woods or fields, without
having to make multiple trips to your vehicle.

You can carry your rifle or shotgun on your back, and have both hands free to carry another gun, a
chair/stool, blind, tree stand, game caller, or carrying/dragging your game out of the woods or fields.

All of this without worrying about your rifle sliding from your shoulder, sliding down your arm while you
have your hands full. There you are juggling, trying to keep your gun from falling on the ground or rocks,
causing damage.  

The Outlaw Sling will allow you the freedom to climb hills, scramble over rocks, or climb into your tree
stand, giving you the use of both hands when you need them, while your gun is securely slung behind
you, protected from falls that cause dents, dings, and scratches. Sling your gun on your back like a pack
and off you go. Any place you need to carry a gun, while leaving both hands free is “PRICELESS”.  

The Outlaw Sling is very versatile. It is adjustable, so that you can put it on over any clothing, a coat, a
turkey vest, tactical vest, upland game vest. You can even carry your gun over a daypack or small
backpack, or you can carry your gun under your pack.
You may even choose to carry your gun with the barrel up or you may carry it with the barrel down, it is so
versatile, it is up to you, only your imagination is The Outlaw’s limits.

Available in Coyote Tan, OD Green, Snow White, Woodland Camo

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